“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat!”
– Navy Seals –

Since 2014

The program Deliver with Valuable Impact is the flagship offering,
where you learn how to deliver with impact, you will become more credible and your message more memorable.

It’s a 3-4-5 day program where, based on your needs, you select 3-5 topics.
During the post-assessment (role-play exercise) attendees practice and show their newly required skills, and where management can witness the impact from the program.

Good or great deliveries become the standard and lead to a permanent change in behavior, which is the ultimate objective.

Ahmed Taha
expressing his gratitude, Dubai

For the first time in my career receiving consistent positive feedback from everyone about how much they were inspired. I can’t express my gratitude for the great job that you have done last week in delivering the outstanding training to my team, you created the impact and I am sure the result will be impacting the customer activities positively, hence revenue. This, using the same skills that you taught us.

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior. You manipulate or you can inspire, yet you inspired everyone in our team.
Take a hundred bows Maurice”. All the best!

Ahmed Taha , Sr. Director ECEMEA, Oracle

Years ago, I attended a course with Maurice on presentation skills and I saw how it impacted my presentations and my way of working with C-Level. Years later I invited Maurice to design and deliver a full program for twenty SalesMasters, focusing on commercial presentation skills, emotional intelligence, social influence using Linkedin and many other topics to help us deliver with more impact to our KSA customers. After multiple months of hard work, I saw the impressive impact towards skills and behavior in my people and the direct results towards the business. Looking forward to more future success, while working with Maurice.

Abdulrahman Alhaqbani, Director Presales, solutions by stc

My words can’t express how amazing you are Maurice. You are gifted.
I would like to thank you for all your efforts. At the beginning I was probably underestimating the impact of your trainings and techniques, but they really work! Without YOU I couldn’t have made my next career move. I really appreciate that and you are added value to any organization. Thanks!

Maher Salman, Presales, ServiceNow

All topics can be delivered separately, but do even better, when put together.

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Presentation Skills

Having excellent Presentation skills are core to the Delivery with Valuable Impact program. It’s a hands-on, 1 or 2 day workshop, where recipes to open, close, deal with questions and many more tips, tricks and techniques are demonstrated, explained and practiced.

“Deliver with impact, where
You become more credible and
Your value message more memorable.”

  • Recipes to open with power and strong captivating attention techniques;
  • Recipes to create and deliver strong value messages;
  • Recipes to close with result and deal with nerves, questions and objections professionally.

Keynote, Sales event, Dubai

“I had the great pleasure of working with Maurice when he delivered some presentation skills training for my team. I provided Maurice with some simple objectives for the training, I wanted him to teach them how to ‘wow’ the audience, deliver high impact presentations and be memorable. In a very short space of time he absolutely delivered on those objectives and more.

Some examples of the feedback from my team:
“I have never been so captivated during a training session”
“That was the best training I have received in a long time”
“Very different, and more useful than any other presentation skills training I have attended”

Maurice has a very compelling presentation technique and provides simple yet effective tips for perfecting the art of presenting. He is also great to work with, energetic and passionate about his subject. Thank you Maurice!”

Michelle Dawkins, Director, Workday
Presentation Skills, Pre-Sales, Middle East

I led the team for an old account which was not closed for a long time, I planned and arranged the script with the team using Maurice’s recipes and all his weapons and tools. We made an impact on the owners and the C-level for a continuous 4 hour presentation / demo and discussions. The owner was fully convinced and after the meeting directly signed the contract.
Thanks Maurice, your tools and method worked well 👍

Moustafa Helmy, Service Account Executive, SAP

I had the pleasure of attending a training by Maurice, one on sales presentation skills. One of the first questions asked, was about which presentations I could remember. Not a whole lot I had to admit. Nevertheless, I followed the presentation and formation like I always do. A few days later, I had to help some of my colleagues out for a presentation for one of our seminars. Imagine my surprise a that I could remember the whole training by heart, I only had to check the summary sheet, that Maurice gave us after the training, once! If you have the possibility of following one of is presentations, do not hesitate! Thanks Maurice.

Jan van Bosch, Country (Belgium) Sales Manager, CM.com

I’ve attended Maurice’s training with my pre-sales teammates. To me one of the most difficult public for a communication training as we follow lots of them. After only 5 min. of training I was totally into it. I learned new powerful techniques that are so easy to apply daily and I really see a difference in my meetings. I will not go backward and strongly recommend Maurice.

Hélène Pitie, Sr. Director, Oracle

StoryTelling in Business

Applying Storytelling techniques in this 0.5 day workshop where you learn how to  use personal stories with a business impact to be impactful, credible and memorable.

Stories have been around for 1000s of years to transfer knowledge and build strong connections. As people buy from people they know, like (them) and trust, it’s time to bring this technique front and center during any B2B business interaction.

StoryTelling, Aviva stadium, Dublin

“Best training, I have attended in my professional career over 30 years.”

Gary Brocklehurst, Business Development and Strategy Leader, Oracle

I had the privilege of attending Maurice Workshop on the power of telling stories. As a sales pro I was well aware of the importance of telling stories but this has taken my appreciation to a whole new level. I was one in a room of over a 100 and the consensus was that we had been taking on an amazing journey and most importantly in terms of ‘What’s in it For Me’ have been gifted a new skill that will stand to us throughout our careers. This is IMHO consultative sales training at it’s best.

Gary Stewart, Manager Global Sales Enablement, Digital Asset

Customer: “The comparison companies he used were spot-on.” This is where I plugged a story and he remembered it!
Sales: “from now on I want everybody to deliver a presentation like this”

Prasun Dhar, Presales, Netsuite

“Can’t believe how many of the skills you taught me last year I still use daily.”

Simon Holland, Experience Director, Oracle

Visual Storytelling – Flip chart

Applying simple Visual Storytelling techniques (0.5 day) on a flip chart using the correct pens, to be more persuasive, engaging, and create trust, while being more impactful, credible and memorable at the same time.

Create or show your flip chart while delivering your pitch, story or presentation.

Visual Feedback, Romania

The feedback has been more than excellent. My personal satisfaction is 10/10 on this training, which is the first time that I am this satisfied!

Pierre Polycarpe, Strategy Director, Oracle

“I used the flip chart techniques on an event the same week and got 3x more attention than any demo we delivered”
“I never been in a training like that in years, or maybe ever!!”
“I was also overwhelmed by the Cairo-team’s passion and excitement! You changed the atmosphere.”

Feras M. Alswairky, Sr. Manager, Oracle
LinkedIn – Feras, Cairo
Why using visuals?

Maurice is a Motivator, Mentor, Facilitator and Trainer par excellence!
The training was not only training, but it inspires, right from the get-go! The knowledge, style, passion, and energy are infectious! His content is fantastic, relevant and powerful, for results driven sales engagements.
After attending a recent training, I incorporated many of the techniques I learned, I saw immediate results!
Maurice sets the benchmark with respect to Sales Enablement.

Kashif Siddiqui, Sr. Director, Oracle

Emotional Intelligence

Maurice, as certified Emotional Intelligence Coach with RocheMartin, offers insight and background into the main building blocks of emotional intelligence (EQ) and the 10 competencies you can focus on.

Awareness and skills will drive behavior, to impact your (commercial) people and leaders, customer interactions and the bottom-line numbers of your business.

Proper use of Emotional Intelligence, impacts many other skill sets successfully.

Daniel Goleman’s ‘Tripple Focus Model’

Emotional Intelligence is one of the many topics Maurice masters. Having him as a coach on Emotional Intelligence was an enriching experience, helping me work towards self improvement while also focusing more on assessing situations and leveraging my own strengths.

Maurice’s calm approach coupled with his thorough knowledge enable him to quickly build rapport with his customers and to guide them towards success.

Andreea Bataiosu, Manager, WPP

I had the opportunity to work with Maurice in understanding the key aspects of Emotional Intelligence. These sessions helped me be more self-aware of my capabilities, focus on areas of development, and inspire me to make career changes that I would not have done otherwise.

Maurice makes each interaction and learning with him memorable, and he doesn’t just teach theory but he makes it all practical, structured and easy to apply to your context.

Sajna Samad CSCP, Leader/Purpose coach, desire-aspire-inspire

Maurice’s passion for enabling Sales, Pre-sales and Customer Success teams fuels his results and always leaves the audience feeling energized, focused and action driven in applying the knowledge learned in the day-to-day business activities. From executive level to employee level, from a single training to a full road show, and from a live to a virtual setup, he captures the audience’s attention and delivers one of a kind and engaging training experiences. He is reaching a level of a World Class Master Trainer that showcases creativity, adaptability and presence.

During my first Emotional Intelligence training with Maurice, he was showcasing the importance of Empathy for leaders, Optimism for sales and Relationship Building for different employees. Learning from him was unique and a personal inspiration for me to also become an EQ Certified Coach.

Sorin Sighinas, CSM, Oracle and EQ Coach
The 10 EQ competencies visualized – Leadership training in South Africa

Linkedin Workshop

This workshop is perfect for ‘new hire’-training or during an onboarding week, where headhunter-centric profiles become buyer-centric, as well as for teams that are not using this powerful business media platform for what it could be.

Very hands-on workshop (0.5 day) where attendees walk away with:

  • A better looking LinkedIn profile;
  • Insights into the LinkedIn algorithm + awareness of it’s capabilities;
  • Executable techniques to be used immediately.

Never a 2nd chance to make 1st impressions. This is especially true for how you present yourself on LinkedIn. Maurice triggers you to instantly start to improve your profile by giving lots of practical tips and tricks. Especially the real-life examples were valuable. Combined with his enthusiastic training style this training was a truly enjoyable and highly informative course.

Bart Schouw, Chief Evangelist, Software AG

Maurice trained several members of our management team on the topic of Social Selling, The training was a real eye-opener for everyone present. Maurice was a very capable trainer, involving attendees through his presentation skills and implementation of a lot of hands-on exercises. This training is a must-do for all companies!

Jeroen Griffioen, Managing Partner, iAdvise Group



    For over 25+ years I’m sharing knowledge and skills with passion. With a background in Accounting and Finance I’ve always been active on the borderline between finance and IT, where sharing information and insights was my main activity. I support Kaizen, NLP and ‘learning how to learn’ principles.

    After a short career as teacher of Business Economics, I’ve had an active career as Data- and Information Manager in Finance and as Pre-sales, Business Development Manager and Solution Engineer in the IT-industry.

    Since 2016 full time active in training Sales, Pre-sales, Customer Success, and their Managers in 25+ countries across 6 continents.  I put a strong focus on skills where Delivery with Valuable Impact using strong value messages and building empathy and credibility are key. Make messaging more memorable using Storytelling in Business, Presentation Skills and Drawing with Confidence (Flip chart).

    Myers Briggs: ENTJ
    (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judging).

    Top 5 StrengthsFinder: Achiever | Activator | Maximizer | Significance | Self-Assurance

    Bachelor in Economics, Teaching academy Fontys, Tilburg, Netherlands, 1997
    Master from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2008

    Favorite movies: The Matrix, Pay it Forward, Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Bullet train.
    TV: Big Brother; Netflix: Sport Documentaries.

    Maurice Hellemons

    Amateurs practice until they get it right;

    Professionals until they can’t get it wrong!

    – Harold Craxton –
    Since 2014 – ©